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"The annual cost of cybercrime to the global economy is more than $4 billion" 

Mark Rutte


Cyber Security & You

IT systems are essential technologies used by all businesses and can be a major problem when these systems fail to function as planned.

Most businesses are heavily reliant on the advice and services provided by IT Professionals. In providing these services, you, the IT Specialist, may be exposing yourself against potential losses arising from acts, errors or omissions made by you or your employees; loss of documents or data; and intellectual property disputes among others. 

Two essential insurance products will provide you with essential cover: Professional Indemnity (PI) and Public Liability and Product Liability (PL) insurance provides essential financial protection for these circumstances.


Terms of Trade

You should include details of your Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Product Liability Insurance in your terms of trade. You need to discuss who takes responsibility for certain goods and services, and at what point whose insurance policies take effect in the event of error. 

Insurance is not a substitute for good IT practices and disciplines. It is a safety net for those occasions when mistakes and oversights occur – regardless of the controls and safeguards that have been put in place.


There's Benefits in Seeking My Advice

Getting advice on an insurance ensures that you’re getting the best policy for your circumstances. Contact me for invaluable advice.


Professional Indemnity Insurance

As an IT professional, you need a level of PI cover that complies with your professional association requirements, standards legislation or to meet the requirements of your clients. Indeed, your client may insist that you hold PI insurance before they consider offering you a contract.


Public Liability and Product Liability

Public and Product Liability Insurance covers IT Professionals for their legal liability in the event of personal injury or damage to property of others during the course of normal business operations or as a result of a product defect. This cover becomes important if you either have customers or members of the public visiting your home or business, or if you visit their premises or if you supply computer hardware to your customers.

It is important to know that these protections must be updated and reviewed regularly to ensure that they stay in line with any new workplace legislation.

Errors occur but professional indemnity helps cover the costs incurred by such errors. You may give incorrect advice by accident, you might quite innocently make recommendations that cause unexpected faults or losses for your client - you should have professional indemnity protection.


Cybercrime Prevention Insurance 

Cyber threats are a risk of doing business in our digital world. They include everything from rogue tweets made by employees that cause reputational damage, to hardware or infrastructure failure resulting in data loss, and even malicious malware and viruses that leave digital systems crippled.

As an IT professional, you need to protect yourself and your business from cyber threats. Call me to get advice on how to stay ahead of cyber security risk. I can show you how to get cover that safeguards you against sensitive data breaches, computer hacking, employee error and other cybercrimes.


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