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Ken Holmes 
Authorised Financial Adviser

Falling from great heights has shaped Ken Holmes’ life! As part of the crack British Army Parachute Regiment Freefall Team, 'The Red Devils', Ken completed many hundreds of formation jumps into territories and global arenas – an endeavour which moulded a character of loyalty, tenacity and determination. 

Truck driver, programmer, productivity manager, salesman, entrepreneur and risk specialist – Ken has shaped a personality of integrity, honesty and grass-root sensibility from a career that brought him in touch with solid New Zealand values. But it was a fall from another great height, a precariously positioned ladder, which cemented his decision to become a professional risk advisor. His fall took him close to death, his friends and family were seriously concerned that he may not survive. 

With excellent medical care he did survive but he immediately realised that had he not, his wife and family would not have been able to survive financially. He was under and inappropriately insured and came to the realisation that he could make a difference for others by providing sound advice on risk, on the importance of recognising the benefits of protecting family and assets. Most importantly he saw the need to help others ensure that a safety net is in place should the unthinkable happen to them.

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